Giggles - The Wellesley Bear

Giggles - The Wellesley Bear
Visiting the Colosseum in the School Holidays

Monday, 29 January 2018

Welcome to the Year 5 Information Portal

Year 5 at Wellesley College is made up of 42 vibrant, inquisitive boys.
They make up the 2 dynamic classes;
Ms Liza Fitzsimmons in 5F, and Mr Bryn Rees in 5R.

The Year 5 boys are actively involved in a wide range of engaging learning experiences.
This is an exciting year for the boys as they build their independence and take advantage
of an increasing number of opportunities at school. We appreciate that it is a busy year for
the boys, and for their families.

In order to provide a more centralised platform for linking home and school, we have
created the Year 5 Information Portal. The Portal is a place to easily find information
about Year 5 activities, and related school events. It will have links to the Year 5 Class
homework, and also homework tasks from the Year 5 Maths Groups. You will find links
to useful work related sites, such a Maths-Whizz, Study Ladder, Spelling City and many

The Portal is always growing and evolving, and we look forward to seeing how it
develops during the year.
We hope that you find it useful.

Many thanks,
The Year 5 Team